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Aviation is a significant and growing source of greenhouse gas emissions. But there is a solution. Just like electric vehicles for the road, we now have electric planes for the sky. So we’re bringing the first electric plane to New Zealand. Based in Christchurch, the first plane will be available for the public to experience clean and quiet flight. It will be used for training and available for pilots to enjoy. The benefits include:

 Environment – zero exhaust emissions and around 70% less noise

 Economy – opportunities for growth from a new industry including the roll out of charging infrastructure

 Jobs – the sector will need more trained engineers, pilots and a qualified workforce

 Education – a mix of mechanical and electrical engineering skills required for the growing industry

 Tourism – eco-friendly scenic flights for visitors and locals

 Inflow of international revenue – training opportunities for student pilots from around the world

 Aerospace Industry – adding to the growing dynamic aerospace industry in New Zealand

 Exports – from electric propulsion systems

More details of the ElectricAir project will be released throughout 2020, including early ticket sales. If you are keen to be involved, do get in touch. 


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